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Wireless Gateway

Wireless Gateway - MCIP-RF02.10

Wireless Gateway - MCIP-RF02.10

Product Description

As a wireless gateway module the MCIP-RF02.10 can support RJ45, HDL-BUS, and RF, and create a meshed network using standard IEE 802.15.4. The mesh network frequency can then be selected from between 768, 868, and 900 MHz. The module is also able to create a transmission bridge between devices, extending the FR scope. Via the on board buttons RF parameter setting is enabled.

1. Mesh network gateway

The wireless MCIP-RF02.10 Gateway supports three essential communication types, RJ45, HDL-BUS, and RF. These communication methods allow a user to control the wireless system via a pad or smartphone, while maintaining conventional wired system functionality.

2. Hugely flexible

Through using wireless technology, complex wiring systems are no longer necessary. This solution enables automation devices to be fitted into a house that would have been considered unfeasible with conventional wiring.

3. Dual working modes

With two working modes the gateway is suitable for any automation solution.
The first mode is the mesh network mode; this mode enables all the wireless devices active on the network to connect to each other. The mesh also supports wired system integration through the RJ45 and HDL Buspro ports.

The second mode is bridge mode; the function of this mode is to act as a transmission bridge.
This enables multiple gateways and their associated wired devices to communicate with each other wirelessly. The scope of the system can then be further extended via RF.

4. Manual control

With push button manual control the user is able to change the system channels, and their parameters. The system changes are then shown by the color of the LED status indicator, red showing programming, green showing the system is in work mode, and blue showing the device is being reset. This simplicity allows a user to take control of the system themselves, enabling instant correction and manipulation.

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