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Shading Actuators

BUS Enabled Motorized curtain HDL-MWM70B.12 / MWM70S.12.

BUS Enabled Motorized curtain HDL-MWM70B.12 / MWM70S.12.

Product Description

The single channel HDL-MWM70 series curtain controllers contain both master and slave modules and have manual control and overheat protection. The curtain controller is able to be managed via Buspro and supports easy programming and percentage control functionality.

Master and slave combination

As a Master unit the HDL-MWM70B.12 can control the MWM70S.12. This enables both curtain motors to work in conjunction with each other. This combination of MASTER and SLAVE ensures that both sides of the curtain or shutter are opened and closed simultaneously.


Protection is ensured through overload protection and over-heat protection. These features safeguard the curtain modules, and the environment they are installed in.


The sound of silence is priceless, and thanks to the new generation clutch and planetary reducer gears installed in the HDL-MWM70B.12 the module operates at a barely audible 40db. This equates to a virtually silent automated curtain solution that does not disturb or distract.


One HDL-MWM70B.12 module can pull with a force of 8Kg, and move a curtain weighing a massive 50Kg. When combined with another curtain motor a curtain weighing 80Kg can be moved with ease. This enormous power guarantees the smooth opening and closing of even the heaviest curtains.

Curtain Module SB-DN-2Motor

Curtain Module SB-DN-2Motor

Product Description

As a dedicated dual channel curtain controller, the SB-DN-2MOTOR is able to control each motor of a curtain controller. The unit also has a settable curtain running time, inching control, and hardware/software features that protect the motor and gearing systems.

Dual channel curtain/shutter controller

Using a single phase AC motor the SB-DN-2MOTOR can effortlessly control curtains or shutters. The motor has three modes; they are forward, reverse, and stop. The maximum current each channel can output is 5A.


The motor is protected from damage using an innovative motor lock function. When the motor is moving forward, the reverse direction will be locked, and vice versa. This guarantees a long hassle free service life.

Manual control

Manual control of the SB-DN-2MOTOR is possible by simply opening or closing the curtain or shutter to activate the system. The module can also be fully controlled by an Android or iOS device running the iLife software. If a user desires, the running time of the unit can be customised enabling the system to meet their exact requirements.

Time delay

With an adjustable time delay function the curtain motor is safeguarded from conflicting user commands. This feature is particularly useful as the time delay can be programmed by the user to best meet the needs of their situation.

Tubular Blind Controller HDL-MVSM45B.12

Tubular Blind Controller HDL-MVSM45B.12

Product Description

The MVSM45B.12 is a tubular blind controller, which has been designed to automate all common roller blinds. When the unit receives a HDL Buspro signal, the tubular motor can open, close, or open/close a blind to a set percentage.
When operating, the unit can output 10 Nm of torque giving an effortlessly smooth action, while operating at a barely audible 42dB.

1. Ultra-quiet Operation

Operating at a mere 42dB, the blind controller is whisper quiet, this allows seamless integration into any environment.

2. High Torque & Large Load

With a motor capable of outputting 10N.m of torque, the blind controller can raise and lower a load of 15Kg. A tube diameter of 55mm allows multiple fabric types to be used, and helps to increase operational effectivity and reliability.

3. Customized shading percentages

With percentage control a user is able to specify exactly how much they want their blinds opened. These percentages can also be activated automatically by scenes, or sensors, to create an optimum environment.

4. Accurate Operational Distance

To ensure a long service life a limiter has been installed that prevents the motor from over retracting, or over extending. The blind can also be programmed with the exact distance it must travel, so wear is minimized and energy is saved.
If the blind experiences a power outage while operating, it will immediately stop, and its position will be recorded. When the power is reconnected, the module can calculate and the remaining distance it needs to travel to achieve its last command.

5. Convenient wiring

Using the Buspro interface blinds can be powered and controlled using ‘parallel wiring’. In a normal system each blind would have to be wired directly to the distribution box, with the Buspro system the blinds may be connected to each other, with only the first blind in the chain being connected to the distribution box.
This dramatically speeds up the installation time, and reduces the cost of rewiring.

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