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KNX USB Interface

KNX USB Interface - M/USB.1

KNX USB Interface - M/USB.1

Product Description

The HDL KNX M/USB.1 enables a HDL KNX system to utilize a USB interface. The USB interface is able to support the setting of addresses, system parameters, and aid in system commissioning. The devices which are connected to the system can be diagnosed via a PC that utilizes ETS or EITT software. (Other software which is handled by the FALCON driver can also be diagnosed.)

1. USB connectivity

With a USB 2.0 connection, bidirectional communication between the ETS software and other programs is possible. This enables multiple programs to configure the system, giving flexibility and adaptability to the end user.

2. Isolation Protected

To ensure the safety of the module and to prevent short circuiting the HDL KNX bus power supply, and the USB (PC) power supply are heavily insulated. This isolation from one supply to another safeguards the unit, and guarantees system and module security.

3. LED indication

Dual LED indicators show the status of both the PC USB, and KNX BUS connection. These indicators allow a user to tell at a glance which connections are active; this enables faster installation and troubleshooting.

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