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KNX Net/IP Router - M/IPRT.1

KNX Net/IP Router - M/IPRT.1

Product Description

The MIPRT.1 serve as convertors between the KNX/EIB and Ethernet network. Both modules support IP Routing to address and set all devices, as well as a temporary access feature allowing commissioning without using the ETS system.

IP Routing & Tunneling

Both the KNX net IP router offers the ability to create a network communications channel between two separate networks. This enables an underlying routable protocol to travel across an intermediate transport network.

Ease of installation

Both the KNX net IP router offers a router the ability to temporarily disable the filtering of messages, by simply pressing a button. This speeds up installation and troubleshooting, as problems of the KNX net IP router can be quickly diagnosed.

Temporary line access

Access to other lines in the system is possible without having to use the ETS software. Because of this on the spot system manipulation and configuration is possible, again hastening installation time.

LED indication

With 6 LED indicators the user is able to tell at a glance the status of the device. In addition to its general status indication abilities a dedicated programming LED button is provided, allowing users to immediately know if the module is being programmed.

Dual Connections

The KNX net IP router can accept a WAGO bus connection, as well as a RJ 45 Ethernet connection. This gives the end user added flexibility, and adaptability when they are installing or modifying their automation system.

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