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KNX HVAC Controller - M/FCU01.10

KNX HVAC Controller - M/FCU01.10

Product Description

The M-FCU01.10 module has two selectable functions, the first being FCU control, and the second being floor heating control. In total the module has 7 channels, and is able to control fan speed, mode, air-conditioner temperature, and floor heating/cooling.


The unit can control both fan coil units, and underfloor heating. These dual control options provide support for the two commonest requests from a HVAC controller, coupled with this the controller is able to provide precise management to ensure the exact needs of the user are met.

Comfortable environment

This module is suitable for any residential, hospitality, or commercial building automation solution. With complete control of fan speed, and cooling/heating, users can enjoy a comfortable indoor experience without needing to trouble themselves over indoor environmental conditions.

Multiple operation modes

Due to the multiple operation modes present on the M-FCU01.10, the HVAC control can meet various modes or requests which van be set by the user. Common modes for this unit are comfort mode, standby mode, night mode, and upper and lower temperature limits. Coupled with this the fan speed has three settings high, medium, and low.

Extended capability

The temperature sensor detection ability of the HVAC controller can be extended with up to 7 extra digital temperature sensors. This enables the module to calculate a more precise average temperature, so the HVAC solutions work more efficiently.

Dual outputs

The M-FCU01.10 has dual outputs enabling both a 10A relay output to enable switching, and a DC0-10v output that is able to control fan speed or valves. These outputs give a user added flexibility and adaptability during installation.

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