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DMX Recorder - M/DMX512.1

DMX Recorder - M/DMX512.1

Product Description

As a DMX recorder the module has the ability to record scenes from DMX resources, and then play the scene back enabling the control of various DMX devices, such as moving head lighting, and LED lighting etc. The unit can automatically record, play, or delete files, and has single play or repeat play modes.

Multi-functional controller

The unit has three selectable DMX controlling functions, in one simple to use module. The M-DMX512.1 is capable of being a DMX recorder, a DMX dimmer, and converter between the DMX system and the HDL KNX/EIB bus system.

Ability to record scenes for 4 hours

With an extensive memory capacity, the M-DMX512.1 can record up to four hours’ worth of scenes from other lighting consoles. Because of this amazing lighting scenes can be created on the lighting consoles, and then quickly and easily saved to the DMX recorder.

Multi operational support

The working modes of the recorder can be operated in various ways, giving an efficient ergonomic user experience. The recorder can be operated by its onboard buttons, or via a wall panel DLP unit.

DMX input controlling

Support is given to the reception of DMX signals from the DMX console, control over the dimming and switching features of the HDL KNX/EIB system is also supported.

DMX output controlling

Through the M-DMX512.1, the HDL KNX/EIB system is enabled to output DMX signals, which can control DMX devices in the DMX system. The M-DMX512.1 can control all DMX devices, but commonly controlled are color changing LEDs, DMX dimming, moving head lights, and lasers.

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