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DMX controller, 48 channels - SB-DN-48DMX

DMX controller, 48 channels - SB-DN-48DMX

Product Description

The SB-DN-48DMX is a DMX show controller that supports DMX512, Art Net, and HDL Net protocols. It is designed to control RGB LED strips, RGB lights, and other DMX devices using 48 channels, with 48 areas and 99 scenes in each area.

DMX interface

The SB-DN-48DMX is capable of handling any device that uses the DMX protocol. From RGB lighting units, to LED strips, and spot lights, all are easily controlled.

Up to 48 DMX channels

In each of the 48 channels, 99 different scenes can be set. There are a total of 99 sequences available, each having 4 running modes, forwards, backwards, forwards & backwards, and random.

DMX controller, 512 channels - SB-DN-512DMX

DMX controller, 512 channels - SB-DN-512DMX

Product Description

The SB-DN-512DMX is a DMX show controller that supports DMX512, Art Net, and HDL Net protocols. It is designed to control RGB LED strips, RGB lights, and other DMX devices using 512 channels, with 16 areas and 1024 scenes in each area.

Up to 512 channels

With 48 groups, and 512 scenes in each group the SB-DN-512DMX is the optimum choice for large applications. In each of the 512 scenes, 99 sequences can be programmed with up to 255 steps. These sequences have four running modes, Forward, Backward, Random, and Bounce.

Data Exchange Function

Two way data exchange is made possible by the HDL-Buspro and an Ethernet connection. This intelligent data exchange system, reduces data traffic, increases communication stability, and ensures optimum efficiency.

Multi-protocol support

The SB-DN-512DMX supports DMX 512, NET DMX, and Artnet DMX protocols. This multi support allows a user to use the modules and protocols that best fit their individual situation. Even though the module has triple protocol support the signal suffers no degradation or data loss.

Onboard LCD

With a dedicated onboard LCD a user is able to instantly read the status of the SB-DN-512DMX. This enables faster configuration, installation, and minimizes time taken while trouble shooting.

DMX LED-driver, 650 mA - SB-LED650MA

DMX LED-driver, 650 mA - SB-LED650MA

Product Description

The SB-LED650MA is a dedicated LED driver, which uses a DMX512 interface. The module uses pulse wave modulation to supply a constant voltage to color changing LED strips, and requires DC 10-30V to operate.

PWM output

Pulse wave modulation is able to support common anode RGB LED strips and enables them to change color or be dimmed. The constant voltage supplied ensures a long hassle free service life for any device connected to the SB-LED650MA.


The ability to process and buffer the DMX 512 signal gives amazing flexibility to users, allowing them to maintain exceptional signal strength over long distances.

Operational indicator

With LED indication showing correct functioning of the DMX, and R, G, B, users have peace of mind that their system is working optimally.

DMX address setting

The addresses for DMX devices can be set via the three dials on the front of the SB-LED650MA. In addition to this users can perform on the spot testing of their DMX addresses to ensure the correct operation of all devices.

DMX terminal

Three DMX terminals are present on the front of the unit, they allow the input of data+, data-, and com. The DMX output signal can also be buffered to another LED driver if required.



Product Description

Single gateway functionality is enabled between DMX protocols or ArtNet to HDL Buspro, with the HDL-MBUS-DMX.232. The module also supports 48 DMX channels, with each channel capable of having 16 targets. Manual control of the module is possible through 6 buttons, with the device status displayed on an LCD screen.

Gateway Communication

This gateway unit is able to integrate the Buspro system with the DMX lighting control system. It supports the reception of DMX signals from the DMX system, and the control over all features of the Buspro system including dimmers, and relays. This unit enables the HDL Buspro system to output DMX signals, which can manage DMX devices in the DMX system.

Optimized Control

The ability to control the gateway gives you the most optimized connection possible between the DMX system and HDL BUS system.

Dual Support

Dual support of both the DMX signal (DXM512/1990 or ArtNet) to Buspro signal (one way) gives a user flexibility and adaptability when installing or upgrading their system.

Multiple Channels

Each DMX channel can support 48 channels with 16 supported target channels. This vast range of channels enables the end user to take complete control of their lighting solutions.

DMX recorder and receiver - SB-DN-Recorder

DMX recorder and receiver - SB-DN-Recorder

Product Description

The SB-DN-Recorder has the ability to record scenes from DMX resources then play the scene back enabling the control of various DMX devices, such as moving head, LED etc. The unit can automatically record, play, delete, and has single or playback mode. Through the LCD display users can view the status of the DMX recorder, and via the onboard buttons manually change system parameters.

Record scenes from other devices

With an extensive memory capacity users can store up to three hours’ worth of scenes from other lighting consoles. Amazing lighting scenes can be created quickly and easily from lighting consoles, and then saved to the DMX recorder.

Multi operational support

The SB-DN-Recorder can be operated in various ways, giving an efficient ergonomic user experience. The recorder can be operated via its onboard buttons, a wall panel DLP unit and a PC. When using a PC, DMX programs can be downloaded, played, deleted, and created with ease.

Automatic Management

With the ability to operate automatically, record automatically, and play automatically, the DMX recorder can be regarded as fully automatic! This automatic management saves time, and increases operational efficiency.

Password protected

Security is an ever present concern to users so HDL has protected the DMX recorder with a password. Only authorized users are able to access the system and modify it, if the password is incorrect then the intruder will be locked out of the system.

IP setting

Using Internet protocols the device is able to be set via its either-net port, It can also communicate with other devices which are connected to the either-net link.

View storage space and status

With the onboard LCD panel users can quickly and easily view the available storage space, as well as the device status. This enables instant reading, and the ability to check on the device in real time.

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