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DALI Dimmer - HDL-MC64-DALI.431.

DALI Dimmer - HDL-MC64-DALI.431.

Product Description

The HDL-MC64-DALI.431 is a 64 channel DALI controller, with built in DALI power supply and single DALI bus. The unit can also support 64 DALI ballasts, and scene control. The scene control allows the creation of 16 areas, with each area having 16 scenes.

Up to 64 DALI devices

Up to 64 DALI devices can be operated for switching and dimming in 16 areas, every DALI device is designated an address automatically. This automatic identification saves time and enables a user to install the system faster.

Scene recovery

After the power has been turned off the DALI controller is able to record the scene setting, when the power is turned back the last used scene is activated.

Set channel limits

With channel limits, lighting is able to be set at its lowest or highest limits. These limits must be set within the limits of the MC64-DALI.431.

Short circuit protection

In the unlikely event that the DALI BUS short circuits the 64 channel DALI controller will turn off to prevent any potential damage.

Customizable run time

Each of the 16 scenes that the module can control have an adjustable run time from 0.7 seconds to 90.51 seconds.

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