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Floor Heating Actuator 6CH

Floor Heating Actuator 6CH

Product Description

The MFH06.432 is a six channel floor heating controller, with a built in PI controller. The module supports 13 digital temperature sensors, with an accuracy of 0.5 °C. The maximum sensor cable length is 100 metres, and online upgrading from the Buspro is available.

PI controller with 6 channels

A maximum and minimum floor heating value can be set, which can be used to control the floor temperature in each room. The temperature is able to be adjusted from 5 centigrade to 40 centigrade, with an accuracy of 0.5 centigrade.


The unit has inbuilt over heating protection, coupled with sensor failure detection. These features guarantee a long hassle-free service life.

System purge function

With an innovative purge function, a hydronic floor heating system can be flushed allowing for easy servicing. The purge can either be controlled manually or set as a timed event.

Extra control

Control of the high power heater is possible through the use of a high power relay; this gives the user total control over their chosen heating system.

Multiple scene modes

Scene modes can be programmed into the system; this allows the user to create the specific environment they desire at precise place and time. Some common scenes that can be programmed are timed event, away, home, and normal.

Other Features of MFH06.432

– Each output from the six channel relay has an output of 0-10V.
– Support is given to both electrical AC heat valves and 0-10V heat valves.
– The unit can function in either master or slave mode.
– Digital temperature sensor interface can be connected to the DS18B20.
– A sensor cable with a length of 100 meters can be used.

HVAC module for AC and Fancoil

HVAC module for AC and Fancoil

Product Description

The HDL-MAC01.331 can control the fan speed, mode, and temperature of an air conditioner. The unit can also measure and compare the environmental temperature. A built in algorithm allows the module to maximize the efficiency of an air conditioner, and enables the control of eight slave modules.

Designed to control HVAC

With the MAC01.331 HVAC can be controlled directly from the iLife app, without the use of a DLP. This centralised form of control gives the end user a simplified yet powerful HVAC experience.

Supports both master and slave modes

One module has the ability to support 8 slave modules, the same unit can then be utilized as a slave if the end user desires.

Intelligent management

A smart algorithm is used to run the air conditioner efficiently, the same algorithm can also select the fan speed and mode, based on the environmental conditions.

Triple support

Both complex and normal modes support cooling, heating, and dehumidification. Fan speed also has three settings, high, medium, and low.

Start-up Delay Protection

Safety is guaranteed through start up delay protection, this ensures that when each transition mode is initialised all devices will function correctly. This protection is also available when the fan is switched on or off.

Manual control

Manual control is provided so end users can change working modes, like heating, cooling and the fan speed, this enables maximum control flexibility and adaptability.

Temperature Sensor 4CH

Temperature Sensor 4CH

Product Description

The SB-MTS04.20 has four channels that gather temperature data, the module can then transmit the data to the HVAC controller. A detection range from -30 to 100°C, enables data gathering in most conditions.

Quad channel temperature sensor

With four channels the sensor can get temperature from four separate areas, and transmit the temperature to the centralized HVAC controller or other device. With four sensors, users can gather specific temperature from different areas in the building. This allows more efficient temperature management, and helps to eliminate unnecessary energy expenditure.

Wide detection range

A detection range from -30 to 100°C, gives the ability to monitor a vast variance in temperature. This range can be of enormous utility in countries that experience wide temperature fluctuations, and retail and hospitality buildings which often have rooms for cold storage, saunas, and swimming pools.

Dual thermistor setting

Thermistors are supported in two ways, firstly via the HDL default thermistor settings, and secondly via user customised settings. The thermistors working temperature range is from -30°C to 110°C, this variability enables the thermistor to be used in multitude of applications.

Buspro communication

The SB-MTS04.20 is able to connect with the Buspro system, this provides a secure and reliable link allowing efficient data transmission. Users of the Buspro can also interface the information gathered from the sensor with other devices, enabling automatic system management.

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