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Ballast Controller 10A 0-10V - HDL-MRDA0610.432

Ballast Controller 10A 0-10V - HDL-MRDA0610.432

Product Description

The HDL-MRDA0610.432 is a multifunctional dimming unit. It is capable of controlling multiple load types, and can support 6 channel inputs and outputs. Manual control is available on the unit itself, this makes instant system manipulation possible.

Dual outputs and functions

The ability to output 10V for ballast dimming and a 10A relay output switching function, make this unit truly multifunctional.

Load types

Both 10V LED lights and 10V fluorescents, can be controlled and dimmed with the MRDA0610.432. Each Relay channel is capable of connecting up to 30 dimmable ballasts and powering them on or off.

Brightness value

Change the brightness of lighting in incremental stages. Exact light intensity requirements can be met, at 0.1V the lighting is at 1% brightness, and at 10V the lighting is at 100% brightness.

Manual Control

With the ability to bypass the main control interface and manually control each channel, this ballast dimmer gives unparalleled end user control.

Scene Recovery

When the dimmer has been powered off, it is able to automatically restore the last scene used when it is powered on again. This gives the user a system that remembers their previous scene, and requires andrequires no further control.

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